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We specialize in midsize-to-large commercial construction projects encompassing a range of industries including:  Retail construction - Medical and Dental Offices - Educational and Research Facilities - Administrative and Office Space - Industrial and Manufacturing


DBS conducts feasibility studies to help the Owner make an informed decision regarding the development costs associated with a project location (raw land, location for an addition, etc.).


This method of project delivery allows the Owner to use DBS as a single source for the design and construction of a project.


Construct-ability reviews involve a detailed review of design drawings to identify logistical issues, correct design conflicts and verify project requirements. DBS advises on cost, material selection, sequencing & life cycle.


Value Engineering evaluates the project requirements & determines the opportunities that exist to create a balance between aesthetics, function, quality & cost.


DBS will develop a construction cost estimate for a project as designed. Cost estimates can be done at the end of each major phase of the design process. DBS also welcomes the opportunity to competitive bid on the construction of your project.


DBS uses its experience, cost database, and sub-consultants to accurately budget the cost of construction. Budgeting can be performed with completed design drawings but can also be accomplished with conceptual design information.


Cost scheduling is the break down of the total capital expenditures for a project into increments. This resource serves as the basis for determining the cash flow needed for a construction project.


Our project schedules provide a realistic tool which keeps the project on track & provides the Owner a planning tool to prepare for occupancy.


DBS welcomes the opportunity to competitively bid on the construction of your project.


DBS can help with team selection, site evaluation, construction documents, GC selection, sub coverage, or construction services. Allow us to look out for your interests early.

bank inspections

Provide project evaluation and progress for lenders. DBS will assist in evaluating the progress of the project and billing accuracy. Independent analysis helps control potential issues.

independent consulting

As your independent consultant for construction, DBS can help you with third party evaluations. We have a broad range of expertise allowing us to advocate for your interests. We help protect the investment..

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